Tried & True Printer Technologies is Kamloop’s solution for all printer toner needs.

We provide new and remanufactured toner cartridges for laser printers, multi-functions, and copiers. We also offer printer services, including troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs.

Tried & True:

  • Is locally owned and operated.
  • Has served Kamloops for over 20 years.
  • Saves customers 20 – 40% on their printing expenses.
  • Helps Kamloops businesses to meet their sustainable business goals

Why use Tried & True Cartridges?

  •   We provide quality Toner Cartridges remanufactured right here in Kamloops, therefore by supporting us you are supporting local labour, helping to sustain our local economy.
  • Once a toner cartridge arrives in Kamloops, there is no reason for it to leave. We can recycle it over and over. That keeps them out of the landfill and there is no need to transport in anywhere else, which helps our environment.
  • Our service is second to none. We have most products in stock and can deliver same day.
  • We provide printer advice and minor repairs and delivery free of charge to our customers.

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