Why should you have us recycle your cartridges?

That’s easy! Doing so:
  • Saves you money
  • Is more environmentally responsible
  • Supports your community
  • Gives you way better service

Remanufacturing cartridges is more than just refilling them

At Tried & True, we employ local technicians with years of industry experience to help us build and deliver quality products to our customers.

How about a walk through our process?
  1. Empty “core” cartridges are collected from customers, and even some people that don’t purchase from us but are happy to contribute. Sometimes we have to buy cartridges from Vancouver because there aren’t enough here in the Interior. These are brought to our shop, organized by type, and checked quickly for usability.
  2. Next, a technician pre-tests the cartridge
  3. Parts essential to the imaging process are replaced where necessary
  4. The cartridge is then reassembled, inspected, and filled with toner that is specifically measured and qualified by parts suppliers.
  5. At this stage, the cartridge is tested using a device cleverly named the “Cartridge Analyser”, or a test printer if needed.
  6. Once it has passed testing, the cartridge is assigned an individual serial number and then packaged in a light-proof bag, boxed, then processed into inventory, ready for delivery.
What does all this mean to the customer?

Our careful remanufacturing process and product-specific supplies allow us to build high-quality cartridges, while vastly reducing waste.

Because each cartridge is tracked with a serial number, we can follow its entire lifetime since it was first rebuilt helping us maintain a close eye on the quality and performance of our cartridges.

Are we defect-free? No. But we do maintain a failure rate less than 5% overall, which, combined with our fantastic service, keeps our customers happy with their print jobs, and happy with their cost savings!

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